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As much as you think you know Orlando,  you're in for a pleasant surprise! Orlando is a place that is growing and changing in all the best ways. It's attracting some of the biggest names in business, and creating thousands of high-wage, high-tech jobs in a region traditionally known for tourism.

Recently named one of the nation’s most cost-competitive locations, Orlando is an emerging tech and startup hub, as well as Florida's friendliest metro for small businesses.

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Avenues, Water, Sanitation, and Streets Completed.

Infrastructure Work Continues

Opening on May 30th, come check out our luxury apartments at 29 Palms!

‍‍‍Sales Center Coming Soon!

Thank you for your trust and commitment to our remarkable project.

Thank you to our Investors

Congratulations to Meit Shah for securing the most project investors in 2017!

2017 Finder of the Year

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